A Sign of Myofunctional Therapy Necessity.

A tongue thrust or a tongue thrust swallowing pattern is one of the most recognizable signs that you or your child needs myofunctional therapy.  A tongue thrust occurs when the tongue pushes forward or laterally when swallowing during speech and when at rest. Often a tongue thrust is a result of thumb or finger sucking.  Over time this habit will actually form the palate to be high and narrow, thus setting the child up for airway related issues for life. This dysfunctional swallow pattern can create an open bite or crossbite and even after braces this habit can force the teeth back out of alignment. 


One of the most problematic aspects of this condition is where the tongue rests in the mouth.  This habit of pushing the tongue forward can result in speech concerns, like lisping. Keep in mind the tongue thrust is just a symptom of more serious health concerns.  When a tongue thrust is present, there is guaranteed to be mouth breathing and an open mouth posture occurring as well. 


The only way to completely eliminate a tongue thrust is to learn new habits.  Using myofunctional therapy’s exercise-based program will retrain the muscles of the mouth and the mind.  Overcoming a tongue thrust is a commitment. However, once new habits are created, the results will last a lifetime!