Snoring Can Be Caused By a Number of Factors.

It occurs during the different stages of sleep when our soft palate, tongue, and throat relaxes, which causes vibrations of the soft tissues in the airway.  When these soft tissues relax, it causes a more narrow airway, thus producing a turbulent airflow and the snore is produced! This is why, so often, people snore more on their back because a weak tongue falls right back in the throat when relaxed. A strong tongue will stay where it is meant to be, on the roof of the mouth against the palate. 


Of course, when a person is snoring it's because they’re mouth breathing.  Through myofunctional therapy we will strengthen the muscles of the face, tongue and throat in order to prevent these tissues from relaxing as we sleep.  Simultaneously in therapy, we will be retraining any breathing pattern disorders like mouth breathing.    


Snoring also can be a sign that you have more serious health issues like sleep apnea.