A Personalized Treatment Plan

After a comprehensive evaluation, we will determine what length of myofunctional therapy is needed. Your therapy will be tailored to address your individual orofacial and breathing issues.


For young children ages 2-5, only three sessions may be required unless the evaluation demonstrates extensive signs and symptoms. Ages six through twelve may require up to twelve sessions depending on the symptoms.


An adult with moderate symptoms will need twelve sessions. For those patients preparing for a frenectomy (tongue tie surgery), we will meet for 3 sessions spaced over 6 weeks in preparation for surgery and then continue therapy postoperatively.  


For very challenging cases, we may need 18-22 sessions to retrain the muscles and eliminate any severe dysfunctional breathing patterns and habits. 


Myofunctional therapy sessions will be spaced approximately two to three weeks apart. Each session will be approximately 45 minutes in duration where you will be assigned a set of exercises to practice each day between sessions. 


Your daily commitment is only about  5 minutes, twice a day. As with any physical therapy program, it is crucial you are committed to practicing daily to experience the benefits of the program.


In today's world, it can be challenging fitting every aspect of our life into a day.

Meeting for sessions online from your home using Skype or Zoom makes therapy that much easier and convenient.  All you need is a good internet connection.