“Working with Nanette was amazing. I am breathing better, sleeping better and my energy is so much improved. I’ve learned so much as well that I am able to use in working with my own patients. I’m noticing that so much of what I see in a primary care practice from anxiety to headaches and TMJ would likely significantly improve with myofunctional therapy and focused breathwork.”

Jennifer, Oregon


“Working with Nanette to complete my course of myofunctional therapy has been delightful. Before starting the course, I had no one to discuss what I had read online surrounding many of the issues I faced personally, and no practical way to go about tackling them. The suite of exercises done during the myofunctional course have all built up the structural basis that allows
me to nasal breathe comfortably and consistently and maintain a lip seal with my teeth together and my tongue firmly in my palate.

Given the relative poverty of mainstream knowledge surrounding myofunctional therapy, having therapist as open and willing to help as Nanette is of massive value. Myofunctional therapy is work, requiring consistent awareness and a dedication to the exercises provided, but Nanette always managed to make it easy to understand and engaging. I really cannot say enough good things about Nanette and myofunctional therapy.

Ewan, Scottland


"Nanette is an incredible myofunctional therapist. Before starting with Nanette, I had no idea how much improper breathing was affecting my life. She took the time to educate me, personalize treatment and keep me accountable throughout our sessions. It's incredible to see how these sessions have impacted my life in sports, sleeping, and simply breathing!"

Alia, Oregon


"I came to Nanette because I felt my tongue had no range. Little did I know there was a larger issue! Thanks to Nanette my breathing is more controlled, proper, and easier. Simple things like swallowing feel a whole lot different now."

Jeremy, Oregon


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